Compelling Copywriting

Copywriting Highlights Turnkey Projects Highlights
Lyondell Channelview Complex 50th Anniversary Brochure
Marathon Oil 2007 Annual Report
The Story of the $135,000 Toaster
Everest Breathes Life Into Dieing Industry
Area Astronaut Takes West U. Elementary Into Space
Sea of Galilee Gardens
Garden Ridge Annual Report
Ibiza Chef Selected for Food Network's "Iron Chef America"
Dragging Hospitals Into the Digital Age
Irvine Team Press Kit

NetVersant Soup to Nuts Brochure
NetVersant Convergence Ad
NetVersant Outside-the-Box Brochure
Blue Dog Investment Banking Brochure
Sanders Morris Harris Annual Report
Weyerhaeuser Case Study
Tailoring Financial Success
Gulf + Western Capabilities Brochure
CEO Discusses Hurricane Preparedness
Boeing/SYSTIMAX Case Study
Project Portfolio

In most cases, projects follow a traditional path that includes on-site or telephone interviews, research, drafts and editing. In other instances, background information — or at minimum (clear throat), a story line — is provided, and Elizabeth Fordham takes it from there. And in the most unusual circumstances, two Dixie cups and a roll of string have been known to do the trick.

Whatever it takes, Elizabeth has a 25-year professional history of staying on track, on budget and on target, whether working in the forefront directly with clients or in the corner as a ghostwriter.

Elizabeth Fordham